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The Garces family story began on June 18th 1976 when Wilfredo Garces and Aida Garces got married. Wilfredo and Aida both came from Valencia, Venezuela. As their family began to grow, Wilfredo had a dream of bringing his family to the United States and opening up a business where they could all work together, earn their living and remain close and united.

In August 1989 the Garces family immigrated to South Florida where Wilfredo started his first business, named “Willy’s Furniture”. After a few years of selling everything that could possibly fit in a home; Wilfredo decided to focus on the most important thing in a home, a good quality mattress!

Garcas Parents

In 1997 Wilfredo, president, and Aida, vice president, founded “Mattresses & More”. Their primary goal for the business was and is selling more than “just” a mattress. They want to sell you comfort, good sleep, and most importantly a valuable investment to your overall health. Did you know that a good mattress is a key element to finding stress relief, sound sleep, back pain relief, and relief from many other factors that affect our daily performance? That is why they chose the name Mattresses & More. From their personal experiences, they understand that good sleep allows you to perform at your best day to day. The first store location opened in Margate, Florida and nine years later they opened their second location in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

With friendly customer service, a family atmosphere, and guaranteed low prices – Mattresses & More has continued serving their customers with help from their four children Willaida, Willeida, Wilfredo “Junior” and Willibeth Garces. Keeping a strong work ethic and a commitment to our customers comfort, Mattresses & More will continue to be a family owned and operated business in South Florida.

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